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EICR reports ( formally known as PIR reports )

Although for privately owned domestic properties it is not a statutory requirement to have an EICR performed on the electrical installation, it is advisable that the electrical installation of all properties are tested and inspected at regular intervals and no longer than once every ten years.

For privately rented properties it might not be a statutory requirement, although that is dependent on the area that you live in. It is important to ensure that all electrical appliances and fittings within the property are safe and in good working order, as you can still be held liable if there is an injury caused by an unsafe electrical installation.

For a House of Multiple Occupancy or an HMO, it has been a statutory requirement for over five years; it states that the building management should;

 ‘ensures that every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested at intervals not exceeding five years by a person qualified to undertake such inspection and testing’

It is a statutory requirement that commercial properties and properties where the public have access; are regularly checked and that an EICR is perform on the electrical services. The period between inspections is determined by the function and the use of the building.

Intruder Alarms

While an intruder alarm can act as a deterant there is no garentee that your property will not be targeted by a burglar. It is considered more likely to happen if there are no visable signs of an intruder alarm.

There are several different types of alarms now widely available with wireless technology being used to aid installation by allowing for very little disturbance of internal decor. This does not mean that wireless alarms are suitable for all properties and we reccomend a site visit to discuss options available.


Consumer Unit Replacement

If your mains unit is still of the type with fuse wire in each individual fuse, then maybe it is now the time to have your unit changed. A more modern unit, means no more fumbling around with fuse wire each time a problem occurs. Modern units provide switching off of the power extremly quickly in the event of a fault.

Did you know that an old fasioned fuse wire fuse can take upto double the rating of current to pass through it before it will fail !


Outdoor Power / Lighting

Modern led lighting provide higher output for less cost to run. There has never been a better time to install security or decorative lighting to enchance your property. There is also the convienicance of having an outdoor power socket installed, either for mowing the lawn, or to remove the need for extension leads when putting on your Christmas light display.